Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The disrespectful pig

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One of them was disrespectful so they decided to kick him out of their house. He had no money and could not afford a house so he lived in the sidewalk. One day when he found 2 dollars he walked to the shop with a smile till two men took it from him. He was so angry and frustrated that he took revenge on his brothers. He never knew that his brothers had moved into separate houses.

One day he went for a walk and he found a bulldozer in a construction site in the city. He said to himself “I can get revenge by destroying their houses “hahahahahaha”. Then he sent his brothers a letter saying ‘if you are mean to me I will destroy you all’. When they opened the letter they were laughing their heads off “hahaha”.

The next day the disrespectful brother went to their house thinking that they will listen to him. He walked in and said “get me some lunch, I’m starving”. They were laughing “what” said the brother without recognising what he had said he said. I’ll give you a last warning, unfortunately they kicked him out and said “never come back”.He got as angry as he get.

At night He went to get the bulldozer from the city. He sent them another letter saying you will pay for what you have done. He drove to their house, it went pitch black because the bulldozer was covering the sun. They looked outside and saw it. They ran to the strongest house but the brother whack it and it tumbled down. now they live in the bush.

The End

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Literacy Movie

My Litericy

Red: What I felt about our literacy task was a little angry. Because my teammates weren't cooperating except Frankie

Green: The interesting thing about this task. Is that I never new that we could use Michael Jackson

Black: Stuff i didn't enjoy was that a filed vertically

Yellow: Stuff I did enjoy was Filming

White: Stuff I learnt was that if you filmed vertically  you can crop it and it won't be that small.

Blue: Next time I will start on cooperating with my mates.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Picture Part 1

The moment he saw the picture he froze like a statue. He could see a fading face in every picture. He was so terrified that he almost fainted, So he ran and as he was running he yelled ‘mum dad’ he said but there was no reply so he quickly sprinted to his room and hid under his blanket. Slowly he put one hand on the edge of the blanket and through it to the ground. There was a Picture on his draw it was a picture of his dad the fading face almost looked like it wanted to kill him. There was a phone under his bed he quickly reached and dialled his dads number to warn him but the phone automatically turned off. and just when he looked out the window he saw his dad and mum tied up on the road lying there so he opened the door as surprisingly the person with the fading face was i right in front of him. TO BE CONTINUED?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainy Day

One day as I was walking back from school I heard a thunder clap. it was so loud my ears hurt. Nothing happened till 5 seconds after that rain started hammering down. so I checked in my bag to see if I had a raincoat but I didn't. I dashed for shelter under a tree as fast as I could. When I found a spot I was drenched like clothing getting washed.