Friday, April 15, 2011

Last day til the holidays

On Friday we had the last day until the easter holidays I can't wait because I want my easter egg of my mum she got me one and didn't want to tell me so I found out .I was so excited I like writing a lot thats why I'll write about this. And today my old teacher was hear just for a while she still knows me.Were watching movies sins it's the last day and we have pop corn I cant wait I don't know what movie we are watching I'll see you next term.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Evry time on Tuesdays we have ICT it's cool it's drawing your self portraits and your familys it's all about staff of you thats what I think that will be the best thing to say a want to be a good writer,rugby player and artest it makes me think of my family alot so I draw on my computer at home alot and play music ivecourse. It took me alot to draw good pictures of my family and animate it on one page and I have to animate a person running/walking side ways outside or inside.My ones outside on the grass running and when he finishes he cheres and he will be proud of his self and proud of my animations and drawings and theres one of me doing t-ball and hiting the ball far and fielders chase after it and when i finish getting to home base I chere again.

Rugby training

On Thursdays and tuesdays we have rugby I like playing rugby but before I didn't I don't know why but it's a cool game for me.I don't want to get in to a fight because I don't like fighting
I don't like being angry. Tackling is when you have to tackle below the waist because if you tackle
waist that will be a penelty.I mostly like running because thats how you get trys and you can step people when they come because you always get better and better and thats doing hard work
and mostly your trying your best to win.People CHERE! for you and you will be suprised.