Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic 2012

As we were on the field there was a convoy of crazy excited kids. Mr Marks was tossing the gridiron ball to people and he launched it pretty far. Now we had to wait after Mr Burt’s speech to play.

Mr Burt's speech wasn't that long but we got to go. So our class went to find a spot under the big tree. Then we went to enjoy an exiting day.

As we got to the beach, when pushing my feet under the sand it sifted through my toes and other people's toes. As it was time for us to swim Anthony and I were the first kids in. Suddenly big waves started to appear and it was getting colder.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finding a image that I could use

1. Go to Google and write in any think .

2.Go to images next to the blue writing.

3.Go to a cogwheel then go to advanced search .

4.Change the rights to free to use or share as you click on the down arrow.

5. Then find your image

Thursday, February 16, 2012


A kiwi fruit like mine was hairy and it felt like a tennis ball but it didn't bounce like one. As I was rubbing it, sometimes in the places I was squeezing it was soft and squishy.

As I went to lick it it tasted sour in my mouth and the juice was sliding down my thought. Mr Marks said we could bite it. Then I took a bite and it was sliding down my thought and it was juicy. Then I looked at my other half and in the inside looked like an eye and the seeds were the eyelashes, which was really funny.

Then I ate it but it pretty much tasted the same. Then as I looked at my face I had kiwi fruit around my mouth. Then Mr Marks told me to wash my face.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

weaR it with pride when you where your uniform.

walk in linE when your teacher tells you to

Stop,think and do when the teacher says so.

Purua to potae when you have no hat.

bE kind to visitors as they visit your classroom.

Chuck it in the bin when rubbish is on the ground.

play The right way when you think your playing the wrong way.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My name is Lukis this is my first time using my net book since last year. I'm a year 6 and I am in room15. There were 31 kids in room fifteen last year but now
there are 35! which is a lot.

I like being back at school because I like to play with my friends , and play on my net book.

I cant wait for camp to begin its going to be lots of fun and there might be lots of people. There will be lots of sports around like rugby which is my favorite and all kind of other sports. I need to improve my reading because that's why i might be in the same class, but i don't mind because i might go to a higher class next year.

Field trips are coming up I wonder where will we go? The production will be coming up, You sign up but you have to have the x Factor .Ppeople are going to sign up for glee you will have to see Miss M.