Monday, March 18, 2013

Gone Things

One day as I went to go for a walk in the morning I noticed some strange  was going on. As I kept walking it started to get darker by the minute as I walked back home almost everybody on our street were disappearing.

I went to the police station to see what's ask if the had seen everyone but they were gone too I looked every were I called on the phone and waited to see if the would answer. No one answered, I even looked in the sewers, I checked every house and I still found nothing.

I went to go check in town and went to the place where I worked. All of a sudden a howl crowd yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got a big surprised because I forgot it was my birthday how silly of me. So there plan was to throw me a surprise party.

Abandoned House

On a day with clouds then darker your skin. there was boy called Bailee riding his bike through the the forest. He follows the track then turns a tight corner then all of a sudden they saw an old abandoned house. With smashed windows with shattered glass on the ground. Rusty door knobs with mice lying  everywhere and tiles that were missing of the roof.

Bailee felt heat swivel through him he thinks what will I find in there, he emages gold and money. He thinks if I found something in there no one has never seen he might become a millionaire. But he then he starts to shiver he knew that something was happening to him. He was scared he was terrified so he ran to the door.