Monday, February 21, 2011

Lukis Holiday Highlight

In the holidays the best day I had was going to the fun festival. There were heaps off free rides and my favourite ride was the Kamikaze. It was scary because I almost slipped out! It spins you up then it spins you down and some times it stays up in the air. That is when I almost slipped out. How freaky! My oldest brother, who is 23 came with me. The next ride I went on was the Rock n Roll. It is a ride where you have to hop in these circle things. Metal poles connect them together and they spin like a spin top does. It was awesome! The ride made me feel dizzy. After that I went for a feed . We had sandwiches which were nice. I liked a lot of the food that we had. There were heaps of lines for the other rides that I went on including the ride where you hop in these aeroplane seats and you are spun around in the air.

Sunday, February 6, 2011