Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter. He invented the orphism art form . He uses vibrant colours and geometric shapes. One of his drawings was of his wife and he was a poet.

He liked to use bright vibrant colours. What he mostly used was contrasting colours that oppose each other. He also uses geometric shapes so that it looks like things.

In the painting of the Tall Portuguese Woman he painted a plant on the left hand side. It had different colours on it to make it contrast. In the center he uses circles to make the woman look like she is at work.

Ducks stuck

I have been learning about the illustrator Ali Teo and her fun playful style of art.
These are the kinds of animals she draws.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Guess what happened? We are learning about Jackson Pollock! Also we have an animation stack about him , he died at a very young age 44. He was marred to Lee Kranser

So Mr Marks  said ‘lets go outside and paint like Jackson Pollock’, we all walked outside with our paint brushes buckets of paint and big pieces paper taped it to cardboard. It was a nice sunny day outside.

I helped Mr Marks lay the paint out. There were lots of colors. I saw black, yellow, red, pink, gold, purple and green.

So I picked up a paint brush from a bucket and splattered purple. So I picked up a gold paint brush and splattered again and then it turned in chaotic mess. I flicked and some went on my shoes!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Guess what happens for two weeks this term? Swimming! We are all in separate groups, one, two and three. Most people were in group one but I was in group two.

So as i jumped in I felt the rippling water all around me. Kids in my group made waves with the flutter boards . Chlorine and chemicals were inside the pool but the one thing was you could not see it.

Excitedly we got to meet our swimming instructor Natalie . She asked us some questions. Like what is our names.
                                                                                                                                                     With our flutter board we put our hands on the back of the board and did slow arm strokes but fast kicking. When I was told to have a go I sucked my lungs in, bobbed my head down and kicked fast to an imaginary island. As I hopped out I was drenched wet, I had a rinse off, got changed and went back to school.