Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not A Good Idea

One day my friends and I  decided to go to the gold coast. We went there to have a swim. It was awesome .

But when I jumped  of the wharf and did a coffin bomb I cut my leg on a rock. Then blood started bleeding out.  As I noticed a shark sensed it then started to circle me.

So then I yelled for help. as the lifeguard noticed  the blood in the sea so he swam out and managed to get me away from the shark.  They had to put nets out to keep sharks away.

As I thought it was a bad thing to do. So I was taken home. I said to myself "I am never going to swim again".

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dream Holiday

For my dream holiday I would like to go to the Gold Coast. But i’ve never been there before, nether on an airplane. It would be the best day of my life. I wondered what it feels like on an airplane.

If I got there the first thing my family would do is look for a hotel. Then would go to the town and buy some close some leather jackets fifty nine 50 new era snapback. So after we would go buy some food I would go hungry jacks.
Then after a few weeks we would go home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amputated Limbs

Do you want to know what we did yesterday? We learnt what it feels like with amputated limbs!
Amputated limbs is when your body parts have been chopped of or they can't move that is called “paralyzed”.

When our first sport came we had to run at our full speed limit. But when we finished our first run he Mr Marks came up with an idea to make us tie a rope with one arm in and one out. As we ran it felt strange because it slows you down.

But the next sport was much easier because you throw a softball. When I first threw it, it went far but my second one was not great. because it was the same as running we had amputated limbs. So When I threw it, it was like it only went 4 metres away.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Zealand's Got Talent 2012

Guess what happend on Sunday? New Zealand’s got talent!
When I watched it, it was pretty fascinating. My mind was blown away by the first act but it was mostly funny. The first act came out funny with a drum kit and a trumpet. and when he started to bang his head and you could hear a loud BANG!!!!!! but in the end he did not go on to the next round.

The next act were the jgeeks but I will name them the maori boys. When they performed they were good they had a different mix of songs but my favourite song was red red wine. But then they danced in front of the judges and the past.

My favourite was a man who broke one of the judges hearts by singing her husband song.
As he sang he brang joy to the house and tears. but mostly broke Rachel Hunter's heart.
she liked the version that he sang and it was beautiful.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sport Acting

Guess what happened in the hall? We were working on our art in motion!
We chose our images in class.  What we had to do was pick out of these sports.
Fencing,boxing,basketball,taekwondo,diving,weightlifting. We had to pick and see who’s was the best out of six. Then we went to the hall  to try them but in motion. The first motion was basketball then fencing after that was boxing then weightlifting, Diving and last of all taekwondo. We had to be recorded and then we were done.

Clay WorkShop

Guess what happend on friday last week? We went to youthtown!
Most of us were split into groups and some of us went with their teachers.I was with my teacher.

We were first up in the clay workshop.
 I was thinking of  illustrated my nephew's

What I first started of was with the clay. They gave us clay with a piece of
cardboard,  and a kebab stick. We used the cardboard first we put in on the clay and used the kebab stick to cut out a squir.

Then I had to do the corner so when we put the class in it won’t spill out. the top can not be thin because it will brake.

Then I went on to rolling some letters. The first letter I started of with was the N it was tricky
then I went on to the L it was easy.
then I put some colored glass on it because you don't want it plain white.

Five A Side Football

Five a side football is a sport that is tricky. They must use everything they got.
But as you know that all the players are blindfolded and the goalkeeper isn’t. So the blindfolded players have to use their senses so the have ball control.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seated VolleyBall

Guess what we watched this morning? Seated volleyball!
Seated volleyball is sport in the paralympics and it is all about teamwork. In every set there is victory and defeat. But as I watched  I could see that they were attacking the ball like a bull at high speed, well one of teams members dodged it from getting hit. most of the players had amputated limbs. So that means it would not be fair on the other’s so they would sit on the ground. By moving they would use their hands to drag themself.