Monday, March 31, 2014

Swim-a-rama and Movies in the Park

The best thing just happened at the pools (Swim-a-rama) do you know what it was?

I will tell you, Me, Frankie, Logan ,Lorenzo (Kelly-Brown) and Isaiah got to the pool there was this man who shouts us almost every Sunday. We Had some hot chips the man bought it for us. Even slide passes, The outside pool is being closed so thats a pity, the reason why is because its winter the pool gets colder and that goes for the diving board as well. This pool is located in Panmure.

The only things that were open were the hydro-slide and the inside pool. The hydro-slide was mainly what I was interested about it’s is a tough walk to the top but a fun slide down. But there are a few rules wait till the person in front goes past the blue line, no chains, one at a time and feet first.We ignored that we chained (more than 2)  all the way like twenty times when we get to the bottom it’s like we caused a tsunami. But sometime we or you do a chain you can lose your band. The lifeguard will cut your band off and then you will just have to swim.

We love the inside pool. It’s warm for the little kids and deep for the adults I always got to the deep part. There are four lanes one to play in and the other for swimmers or kids that go swimming practice When we get there we just relax and walk in circles. You are not aloud to bomb in there only on the diving board but to bad it’s closed .

Theres is even a playground outside the kids can have toughs a fun theres a water gun well most of the things there involves water. An theres a inside pool for the little kids its shallow as it’s up to your needs your not aloud to have wrestling in there because the last time I did that I got kicked and almost banned from their If you get banned you are not allowed back there for like an year. And if your band broke you could just take it to the reception and they will give you another one and thats the last one you will get.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sport at Tamaki College

At Pt England School class 2, class 4, and class 5 goes down the road to Tamaki College for sports every Friday.  It is held behind the local rec center on the field. The activities that were set up for us was rope jump, Amazing Race, trust challenges, plus many more.

At Tamaki college there is mostly Polynesian and Maoris. Tamaki College is in Glen Innes. I think they do these activities for some people to get fit and lose weight. I think I lost weight from doing all these activities within 2 weeks.  

When we got there we had to get into 7 groups with 10 people per group. I was with Jabez, Levi, Neo and many more people. Our group was the best at doing the activities and we were dangerous.

Our tutors are who we have to respect because they give us leadership to show us our activity and how to do it. We listen to what they say and we give them our full attention like how we give it to our teacher. They participate with us so we would have to do the same.

We have some hard activities and some easy one but most of them involve teamwork and participation so we can co-operate with our group. Give it a try if you don’t want to have a turn at doing the activity.  

At the end when its time to go sometimes we get a treat some chocolate lollies. I saw the other team. Far! They had like five bars of chocolate to share between them. That’s a lot that must be like ten pieces a kid. But thats alright two pieces were alright.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fia Fia

Flashing lights, pounding music ,singing and lots of performing groups this is FIA FIA!! Almost every year our school does this because it is part of our school tradition. Everybody in the school has to go to their groups that they chose but if you chose a group that your friend was in i don’t think you will be there. Almost every teacher in this school takes a group i’m with Miss King she takes senior hip hop.

Practicing is important because if you don't know the dance what are you going to do even in Cook Island, Samoan, Asian, Tongan, Fijian and many more. We practice every thursday from 2 to 3, 1 hours practice if you are a senior.  You might have to escort some juniors to their groups so they don't get lost, just when lunch ends.

Swaying, movement, dancing, presenting and also performing. The time when performing will come is in a few weeks because we will have to set up the stage and figure out our positions. When the day comes you will have to bring the clothing you will need and a smile on your face. Then you're performing attitude remember your performing so try not to screw up because you have a massive audience.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Has anyone used sketchup before? I have its like a 3d creator creating things like  cars houses tons of things. My class uses it we are creating toys for some of the juniors so they have something to play with. My design ,simple its just a car its special  to us because if we would have nothing to make a toy or we would of use paper and stuff with no detail so that would be boring.

We use it on our imacs computer. Theres a special feature it could the 3d warehouse it's where you could find all these designs that other people have created you  can just download the object you want and use it. It is a creating making and building app lots of people use it. Try it if you have never been on it before go on it its fun and you’ll probably create some great designs.