Friday, August 24, 2012

The Most tiring thing of the year

As it came to a day But do you know which day? CROSS COUNTRY!!!

The track is that you run through the bush walk but as soon as you come to the second bridge you don’t turn right you turn left. Then keep running till you get to the end , so then you run through the next one and until you get out you don't run through the gate in front of you  turn left then right , then again right.

As Mr Burt clapped it was really hard to think am  going to do better then last time!
So i got in position and read to get a good start off. He said “ready set GO!”!!! As I started of my shoes were drenched in the mud so i lifted my legs faster.

When I was running I could hear my legs pounding the ground. My heart was beating too fast that i could not hear it. But then it started slowing down as i slowed down but my lungs did not they were huffing and puffing.

As I was running most of the way isaia started to pull me back but i still made it so i did not stop till I went past him. But till I ran past most people I Jogged. and then My shoes drowned in a puddle of mudd. Then I slowed down.

The finish line was near but to many kids were in my way so i stopped. But then i could hear the crowd saying all of the house colours. So i sprinted to the finish line coming a place of 6th better then last years.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BBQ Sausages

Guess what happened yesterday? We grilled some sausages on Mr Marks BBQ!
Mr Marks told us that  he went to the mad butcher to get some sausages. There were 32 Children so that means he would have to get 10$ pack with 40 sausages. That means that there will be 8 left so he could have them to himself.

Now we were up to chopping onions  because this is THE WORST PART. As soon as you finish peeling it and then you chopping it your EYES HURT! Try not to water your eyes because it hurts more.

When I ate it I could taste the meet. Most of it was nice because I like tomato sauce.
Plus the bread gave it texture.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Cross Country Practice

Guest what we do every day just before school ends? Cross country! We all run from year five, to year six. One track that we first ran was to run to the start of the car park were Mrs King would be.
Then we kept running down the we run around Mr S then run back through the breeze back on to the court.

When we first ran off most of the year sixes were sprinting.
I tried not to because that would be wasting all your energy so I decided to jog.
The as I got up to Mrs King she said “come on Lukis you can do it but don't sprint”.

When I circled around Mr s I ran into a traffic jam of people. But I managed to run on the grass but then there lots more people in the way. So I had to walk then as I got through a ran through the breeze door onto the court. We had to walk around the court.

Till we had to stretch. But if we talked we had to sit down.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Basketball Experience

Guess what happened on thursday? We went to basketball. We meet Ty and Shanethey taught us how to jump stop  and  how to jump stop by taking two steps. He Said “jump turn well keeping one foot on the ground”. We spin the ball around your with your finger
It was very difficult but

We spin the ball around your with your finger tips.
It was very difficult but
except for them because they were professionals.
We had to listen to what they said. “for our next activity use your fingertip to spin the ball around your head 10 times then pass it on”.  It was awkward because I could not do it. But as I bounced the ball I could hear it pounding the concrete like a digger hitting the concrete
So we had to spin it around our waist that was easier  but me and Taniela were the best at it. then comes to doing it all from head
waist legs five times. That was hard the we had to pass it on.