Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alien Pet Shop

Once upon a time there lived a kid me Lukis. I was very polite to people and kind but one day when I was playing outside there was a u.f.o above me. I could not see it because it was invisible, the u.f.o sleeped gassed me then took me out to space. Do you know were? to mars!
It was very scary they took me to their town and through me in to the pet shop I could not escape because there were lazerz surrounding me. But I forgot that my dad was coming to discover mars he never knew that they had a town so he disguised himself as an alien and visited the pet shop he saw me then he brought me I don't know how but then he took me home by his rocket
and it was a great journey home.


  1. Hi Lukis,

    It's me your buddy Faaiua. I really like how you told me what happened in your story or play.In that story I was thinking if you didn't like being a pet. If you were a pet how would you feel? I would feel sad and homesick because I would miss my family. Anyways I do like the story.

    From your friend Faaiua.

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