Friday, June 27, 2014



What is echolocation?
Echolocation is used by some animals and maybe a human and submarines. This is like powers. If you make a sound in a classroom it will rebound off the barriers in front of you and around you, and it will come back. It’s like if you blow at your hand the wind comes back. A boy called Ben Underwood used echolocation. He was blind and lost his eyes at the age of 3. Echolocation helped him see.

Who or what can use it?
Submarines can use it. This is a little different to how animals use it. When they're in the water, the submarines send out a signal. If it comes back it gets detected on their monitor and then will will know somethings out there. That’s just the same as whales and dolphins. They make a sound so they can see if anything is out there too. Bats are spectacular as they can hear really well. Their hearing is better than ours.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aggressive Dogs

Dogs Aggressive and dangerous there are dogs that come from all sorts of country the most aggressive I wouldn't want are Red nose Pitbulls these dogs will tear you apart they could actually kill you if they kill you that's the end of you if a pitbull was wandering the street and bites you call animal patrol and they will put them down because they are to aggressive. These dogs were known for the highest killing rates.
German shepherd these dogs are well trained dogs but some aren't .These dogs are aggressive they can kill because these dogs come in second with the highest killing rates. These dogs are in the army and the force the have been with police and looked after because they are there buddies Make sure these dogs are trained when they are puppies.
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Rottweilers are dangerous dogs. But some of them are pa light they can listen but it might injure you they are very vicious guard dogs coming in third place in killing rates these dogs are big and fierce puppies are very cute but as they get older they will start injuring people they need to have a good caregiver.


Monday, June 16, 2014

Empathy and Sympathy

Empathy and Sympathy

Empathy and Sympathy are types of emotions. Empathy means caring for people and putting your self in other people’s shoes. Sympathy is just a different type of empathy,Its a little bit of the same.That’s what sympathy is about.You can feel empathy and sympathy at the same time.

Everybody shows empathy sometimes. This is about caring and understanding what other people are feeling.Some people show sympathy,here's an example: If you lost something special to you or someone and that person said that they don't care cause maybe it was your fault.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Tech at Tamaki

Tech at tamaki, the only time you can experience this Yr 7 & 8 its a fun time and you learn a lot of stuff like cooking, crafting & drawing.The group I am in is hard materials this is when the crafting comes.This term we are learning to make glass pane but it has a design in the middle it can be anything but there are a few cuts that you can't do these cuts have to be straight you get a piece of small wood. A glass cutter (its very dangerous).

Mr Grundy (our teacher for tech) gave us a task to make eight designs and when you’ve done that you get to pick your final design then the hard bit comes cutting the glass you will need to know how to control it if you can’t the you cut will go all over the place. If you can cut the glass and make sure its a precision cut then you cut the colored glass.

The colored glass is the most important bit these glasses will be the color for your design. If you can cut all the colored glass that you need and all the pieces you need are cut then you are almost finish. You will need to grind it and then when your done put a sticky material around it. Then you will put all your pieces together and put a special material around it to keep it together then you put a hole in it near the top and then you are done.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart Footprint

Who’s watching you have you saved your password and forgot to log off. make sure that you say nice and positive things because you are being watched everything you do ids left there and it gets shared on and on. Stay as positive as possible and you have to be clever don't send any bad things on your mail or on different sites.

So you must thing if its not kind keep it in your mind because whatever you say, this  can go everywhere across internet or by speeches datas can be shared or used by someone else and people can steal your information is personal.

everything you trash can also be seen remind yourself don't go on anything dodgy or bad. An if a chain is sent to you (a message and a the end of it it says if you don't send it you will die) don't hesitate delete it. Never forget to log out and don’t give your password to anyone.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to make pancakes


Pancakes are the good breakfast to your day.If you want to make some you will need to know all the ingredients and how serve them delicious. You’ll need a pan now make sure the pans not that small because it makes it harder for you to get it out.Don't forget you will need to have adult supervision for your own good.

Now the ingredients are the thing you will need the most, so the first ingredient is plain flower the next one and  ½ a cup of milk or water.Two large eggs that have been lightly whisked. A pinch of salt and dont forget the vegetable oil for frying. put all those ingredients together now when make sure it is nice and thick.

So then when your batter looks like the image then you're ready to go. First things First, you put the vegetable oil in the pan wait for a few seconds then add your mixture or batter. wait for 30 to 40 seconds.then flip then another 30 seconds then when it looks nice and perfect then put it on a plate and you can even add your favourite toppings and then your done.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to create an animation on hyperstudio

How to create an animation, if its your first time using it you will eventually get use to it so you have to learn the basics how to get your tools they will just pop up. The click on the paint brush this helps you to draw so you can change the size and the colour. You fill in the blank spots just by clicking on the paint bucket its very easy.

So the first step is to draw the object you want to use then when you're done click on the lasso icon that will give you the privilege to move you drawing,create it into a object the you can move or change the size. So the you copy it by pushing control c on your keypad. The control v to paste it.

Then you create an backround and the you copy the card and you can move the object anywhere. Just make it look like a high quality so it don't look ugly the after your finish doing that you can make it an movie.An you can even post it on your blog or vimeo.