Thursday, December 13, 2012

My toy story movie

Zombies Night Out

One day two kids where playing with their fish that had a disease that Jared notest he said ‘what is with this fish.’’ So they took him to the vet and Tame said there is nothing wrong with him so the fish took a bite at tame and his eyes started to turn red so we ran outside, we looked through the window and he started to chase us with flesh hanging out of his mouth so we ran.

But as soon as we knew this disease will be cared on. So we called a scientist with a formula to cure all the humans so he created a gun that zaps the formula in there body’s then they will turn to humans. But what happens if you get scratched you will be diseased as well so we zapped half of all the zombies but there was one special one you had to get. Tame was controlling them with his mind , so we got him and all the zombies were all cured.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Netbook Reflection 2013

What I like about my netbook is that it helps me learn faster then just a pencil and paper. One thing I do not like is when i drop my netbook because I get so frustrated that I do not know what to do. What I want to be better is when the screen freezes resume back in when you restart. Writing on a piece of paper is boring and when we had to rub out our mistakes. So what I want to make better is better screens so they don’t crack that easy.