Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bush Walk

One day my friends and I decided to take a bush walk because we had nothing to do but stay home and play on the computer. So Henry said ‘hurry up I can’t wait’, then we packed our lunch and we were ready to go.

As we were walking we noticed night came fast everything was so dark till we heard a noise like a ZOMBIE!!!!! So we ran as fast as we called then we stopped. Then Tame turned on his phone light then all we saw was zombie’s surrounding us.

So the only thing we called do was call the zombie hunters. But they were too late as Tame died bye wandering off so we decided to have his funeral the day after.

But now the zombie hunters arrived with all their assault rifles they managed to kill them all. Till a giant zombie came. So they grabbed everything they had and ganged up on  the giant and that was over.

Now that is why you never go for a bush walk without guns and a flash light. So that was the day we called never forget tame. So everything was solved including tames death.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Robbery

One day as I walked past the shop with my father, I heard yelling and it sounded like a robbery. My  dad told me to get back. So we waited for something to apear.

We waited till Justin Bieber  was running out to his car. Then as he was running my dad got in the way. So he grabbed two of his ak-47s, they were used in the army so then he  aimed it at my dad then he said “Taste on this”.

Now do you want to know what  was going justin bieber was going. As soon as he aimed the guns Texas ran and then jumped on him then the police came. So they reward texas with 100,000 dollars