Friday, May 31, 2013


Did you know that 347,000,000 people have diabetes across the world.

So what is diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder where the pancreas is not producing insulin for some reason. There are 2 types of diabetes.

Diabetes type 1 usually starts when you are a kid, you get it because your pancreas isn't working or in some way disabled, the pancreas should be producing insulin. Insulin absorbs glucose (sugar) then goes into the body cells, which use sugar to make energy but if the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin you wont have enough sugar in your cells. Unfortunately Type 1 Diabetes Can’t be cured yet but the doctor can give you insulin in an injection to manage it.

Type 2
Type 2 diabetes usually occurs when you are an adult. People with diabetes feel dizzy and tired and get thirsty a lot most type 2 diabetics develop the disease because they are over weight which affects the pancreas. The doctor can give you medication to help but the most important thing to do is go on a diet and lose weight. you can cure type 2 by losing weight, eating healthy and exercising.

The long term effects of diabetes are sleep apnoea, loss of eyesight, loss of limbs because bad blood flow. Sometimes even a stroke or heart failure.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Hill With Rocks

Every day at midnight these rocks rise the dead. EVERY! Human is terrified as the scream  They build barriers on their windows to stop them from smashing the glass. My dad goes to the rock every night to protect our town but he tried destroying.The first time i knew was when I asked my  dad ‘‘what is with those rocks’’ I said he replied ‘‘you might not want to know’’ ‘‘please’’ i said. Then it hit him he needed to tell me before something happens to  me so he told me a story. Years ago the villagers who lived hear died they got buried under the rocks so ever senses something bad happens said my dad.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Guess what happened today Will.I.AM CAME TO MY SCHOOL! I was so excited to meet him I wish I got his autograph but Mr Burt said we can’t there where lots of cameras he was gonna come to our class but he couldn't. What I liked was the performances we were gonna get printed autographs.

You should've  seen the cameras flashing at him he was getting all the fame. I wish that will be me one day, he gave our school 100,000$ for our Manaiakalani and different schools. He lives in L.A California. In WILL.I.AM part of his side he lived in a very poor neighbourhood. His mum was sick. He said'in the future you will look after my mum.

Thank you Jayden for proof reading my writing