Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why is it important to come to school?

Why is it important to come to school?

Attending school is very important. One of the reasons is so you could learn. If you can't learn then you won't get anywhere in the future. How are you going to get a job? School is important for everyone if you don';t go school means you're disadvantaged in the future.

Knowledge is one of the things a kid is needed schools can do that if you don't know how to write we have books so you can learn if you don't know how to read the teachers can teach you how to read. If you don't know any math we know some site online some can even show you how to draw.

You would be able to have a very good future if you even need help there are always teachers but if the teachers a busy you could ask a mate or a friend.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tattoo Design

Skeleton: I drawed the skeleton because i really like the style.

Lion: The reason I drawed this because is that the lion represents fare.

Rules Are Important

    What would it be like without rules.

Rules are the most important things that should be remembered, so it can keep you alive so you don't do the wrong thing. At school there are rules like don't touch the teachers stuff unless you have permission or maybe not throwing things around the class. Especially no fights if there were a fight there would be a lot of consequences.

If there were no rules there would be a lot of destruction like swearing,fights, thefts, there would be tons of violence people may even get killed.All of these rules would have been ignored.

Respect helps if you tell someone to do something like turn of a computer thats respect. Not talking when the teacher is thats respect. Helping one another is respectful doing favours is respectful lots of thing is respectful.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4

Every term an immersion assembly is held just at the start. We have been doing this since I think this school was made. We also did this to show what our topic is. Our topic is ART ATTACK. When we went to assembly I saw art playing on the projector. It was amazing people were doing art on the computer it looks realistic.

The items started to explain what our topic was going to be about. It was team 1’s turn to explain what they are doing. I can't remember most of it but they did say they would be going down a river, I think having a picnic thats all that I could remember.

I could’nt remember any of them except team 5 theres was the best they started to paint upside down no one knew what was. What but I started to see someones face upside down. There were three paintings as soon as the flipped it they had painted Mr Jacobson,Mrs Jarman and Mr Burt.

That was the best immersion assembly if I could remember the rest I would tell you.