Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection at Pt England

This year..... It’s been the best so far. Better then every year i've spent at pt england school.
what I liked the most is when we go to maori it helps me to learn some te reo and some waiata. I can remember all the good times with my mates, how we got in trouble and when we play. the meetings we have in the hall is when we sing a wiata. It’s the same every day what i liked was my teacher ms squires she is the best teacher I have had so far. Plus she gives us fun activities to do.

I enjoyed going to tech it was fun the first time I went I was pretty much shie. But then I started to get the hang of it. My most favourite tech thing we did there was hard material. you make things like nucleus things with wood and glass.

I also like the way our teachers treat us, so what miss squires does is she tries to stop us from being dodgy. It’s fun having a teacher like miss squires she encourages me to do my work it helps me to learn faster. I have to finish my work so I don’t stay in at lunch time.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Action World

Action world The funnest place that i’ve been to. Better then rainbows end. It’s manly like a circus. The most exciting thing you can possibly go on is the trap eze, But I like the high wire oh i forgot I didn't tell you all the rides. There is high wire,trapeze,crazy ladder,free climb wall,jungle swings,the jump and thats all i know. You now that the pads that you land on is just like a bouncy castle your have a look at the site.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Reflection Being a Year 7

This year being a year 7 it’s helped me a lot. Miss Squires helped me to learn more strategies in maths not just one strategy. She helped me to not be bad in class because if you do that you won't probably get anywhere when you grow up. So if you wanted to be good you would have to finish your work of properly then it will be easy for you to get a job when you grow up. Try to be good instead of being bad. What I learnt for myself in class was not to do the wrong thing in class(dodgy) it’s bad. Just like me I was dodgy but I gave it up so I can be good so I can do the best I can.

 Writing is what Miss Squires helped me with a lot. One new thing I learnt was this new site called flocabulary I didn’t know how to use , flocabulary it helps you to make raps . I also learnt a lot about Filming different types of shots and different ways to animate. learning how to paint in creative strand it was fun cutting was painting with a small brush in little places.

 My netbook helped me to write better at school instead of using pencil and paper. Thats to hard for me. Me and my reading buddies help each other on one document so they would finish their work faster and plus they would get help. We also do math on math whizz it’s a site that gives you the knowledge to learn. As well as xtramath it takes you through all your basic facts. It can take you straight to your documents instead of finding a paper and pencil.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Paul Walker

R.I.P Paul Walker The big memorial for his death. The crowd was pouring in to tears especially his family. Everybody gathered their cars, and even planes flew around in the air with banners on it, His death was A car crash all his fans came to memorial. Most of his fans went to the crash site. Died at the age of 40 born September 12 1973 died september died November 30th.He was filmed in All fast and furious movie actor Brian‘o’ Conner.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela Died

December 6th 2013, Tragic death at the age of 95 Nelson Mandela. He was a good man born in july 18th 1918 his life just ended on friday. Cause of death a guess is elderly problems too old I suppose. He was a man that fought for his rights and gave peace to his country he lead the world to be good people. His early life was bad arrested and sentenced five years in prison and as a kid he attended primary school and his teacher gave him his name he began to study law in 1943. His first marriage ends in divorce he was charged with sabotage the he was jailed for 27 years. That Is just outrages. Did you know he visited new zealand for the commonwealth meeting. HE participated in a lot of things he went to university then one year after he got expelled.Then he attend African National Congress(ANC). He had a children's fundraising. HE went to prison for 5 years and when he was charged of sabotage he got sentenced for 27 years in prison which was hard for him then in 1990 he got released for him it probably felt like freedom.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Hard Question

There are  8 boxes. Each box has 25 apples in it. How many apples are there altogether?

Hard Question

Mult/Div The shop is selling jandals for $9 a pair.  They have sold $486 worth of jandals so far. How many pairs have they sold?

Monday, November 18, 2013

One Of My Hardest Questions

The school has been donated packets of felt pens to share out evenly between the 22 classes. How many felt pen packets does each class get if they got given 308 packets?

One Of My Hardest Question

The A Softball team has scored 72 goals over the season so far. The is 6 times more than what the B Softball team has scored. How many goals has the B team scored in the season so far?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Kiwi Kid News

Read the whole article and record the key words or phrases that answer the following questions.

News Article Headline

Tallest Dog
He Dies
On his queen-sized
october 17 2013
Rewrite the article in your own words

Worlds Tallest Dog Dies
Worlds Tallest Dog dies It was an unknown death

Opinion and Why:
What do you think about this news and why
It Was so sad For everyone He held the guinness world record

What are some questions this article has prompted tat you may like to find out the answers to
How Did He Die


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My First Day

Do you know who my teacher was on my first day of school? Mrs George!

I was pretty nervous until i meet some friends they gave me my confidence. some kids did not know what was happening till she took them to a rotation that looked fun, I can’t stop thinking about what my mum said “don’t worry”. I was shaking like a rattlesnake's tail so were some of my friends.

My teacher freaked me out when she handed me the paint brush she looked liked was gonna stab me. But we were painting I drawed a big a that was my first painting. then suddenly I got a shock as the bell rang so loud it felt like a whistle getting blown in my ear. “Boy was that annoying”, I felt blessed as soon as the teacher said morning tea because I knew we got to play.

As soon as I went to play I got bowled over like getting tackled by a dwarf that hurt because i had a bleeding arm. The person who did that didn’t even care he just took of, far was I getting angry. Then again at lunch time as i was playing on the park I got a splinter in my foot it felt like a injection that was so sow I had tears coming out of my eyes.

So MR jacobson got some tweezers and took it out boy was I relieved then my  mum came to take me home.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Movie Progress


 A person holding ball. He attempts a kick the person fails to kick the ball .He thinks he can do the ultimate kick. Then when he kicks the ball and it explodes.

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Poem

Where I'm from the feel of the breeze makes me feel free
Look at me I'm holding boiling sand in my hand.
Yelling  like my dad to the dog dashing through the water splashing.
Cousins sitting on the beach listening to the seagulls screech.
diving in the sea as if I was a dolphin.  

Listening to dubstep vibrating to my ear you might not know that it feels really weird.

Love Movie


Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Reflection

We planned our movie pretty well and our story board had enough detail. We improved on how fast we finished our movie even though we had to record a few times.Our message was to make a rap about something that happened in history. My group did a rap about Martin Luther King. We illustrated our movie well and it all matched our rap. It was good but we could have improved it a little bit like trying not to trace.

We never filmed, all we did was an animation about MLK to show how important he is. There were no emotions in this movie but we edited well. The negative was that I did not like our recording because  you could hear a noise that we did not like but we just had to stick with it because we would have wasted our time to redo it.

The quality was good even though I traced MLK but the rest I did not. My backgrounds weren't good but at least the drawings were good.Our animations were good like the one how MLK's house blows up. They were all detailed. The movie connects well with all the senses.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were both men who had a dream to make their countries have racial equality. They both have suffered violence with racism and struggled with with life in prison but they still had a dream to conquer civil rights inequality with the black and white.

Nelson.M was born in July 18, 1918 in South Africa and suffered a lot of violence in jail for 27 years. He was sent to jail on April 20, 1964. He had a dream to solve equal rights between the white and black people. Back in those days the black people in South Africa could not vote for anything until Nelson.M came and he changed the country's life.

Martin.LK was born Januarary 5th 1929. His mother was a school teacher, she taught Martin how to read before he went to school. He had a brother, Alfred and a sister Christine. Both his father and his grandfather were ministers. Martin was very good in school so he skipped grades in both elementary school and high school. He discovered issues in racism. Martin.Lk was mad when he saw signs in the public that said whites only, so he wanted to do something to stop racism.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective SAtudent

He’s thinking i can't do this its to hard i should just let go risk my life for nothing. Then he thinks again I can do this i will persevere to the end. He reaches the top then he sees the dojo so he slowly walks to the top as he anxiously knocks on the door.

Then the master opens the door and with a face he pointed away. The student did not know what he was pointing so he decided to meditate and with one i his eye lid opened but the master was still pointing.

So he was disappointed but in five different faces he came up with an idea he was gonna prove to him that he's worthy. Then he kicks open the door the the master points at the sign please use side entry. He was embarrassed.

J.L Little red

Little red riding hood was a bad little girl she got her name from her temper she had. She never listen to her mum what are the odds she got a phone. She is like a boss she tells her parents what to do but she disobeys the rules. One day she went to her grandmother house on her way she saw the big bad wolf. She quickly phoned the zoo and sayd to the zoo what will I get for a reward?.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The disrespectful pig

Once upon a time there were four brothers. One of them was disrespectful so they decided to kick him out of their house. He had no money and could not afford a house so he lived in the sidewalk. One day when he found 2 dollars he walked to the shop with a smile till two men took it from him. He was so angry and frustrated that he took revenge on his brothers. He never knew that his brothers had moved into separate houses.

One day he went for a walk and he found a bulldozer in a construction site in the city. He said to himself “I can get revenge by destroying their houses “hahahahahaha”. Then he sent his brothers a letter saying ‘if you are mean to me I will destroy you all’. When they opened the letter they were laughing their heads off “hahaha”.

The next day the disrespectful brother went to their house thinking that they will listen to him. He walked in and said “get me some lunch, I’m starving”. They were laughing “what” said the brother without recognising what he had said he said. I’ll give you a last warning, unfortunately they kicked him out and said “never come back”.He got as angry as he get.

At night He went to get the bulldozer from the city. He sent them another letter saying you will pay for what you have done. He drove to their house, it went pitch black because the bulldozer was covering the sun. They looked outside and saw it. They ran to the strongest house but the brother whack it and it tumbled down. now they live in the bush.

The End

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Literacy Movie

My Litericy

Red: What I felt about our literacy task was a little angry. Because my teammates weren't cooperating except Frankie

Green: The interesting thing about this task. Is that I never new that we could use Michael Jackson

Black: Stuff i didn't enjoy was that a filed vertically

Yellow: Stuff I did enjoy was Filming

White: Stuff I learnt was that if you filmed vertically  you can crop it and it won't be that small.

Blue: Next time I will start on cooperating with my mates.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Picture Part 1

The moment he saw the picture he froze like a statue. He could see a fading face in every picture. He was so terrified that he almost fainted, So he ran and as he was running he yelled ‘mum dad’ he said but there was no reply so he quickly sprinted to his room and hid under his blanket. Slowly he put one hand on the edge of the blanket and through it to the ground. There was a Picture on his draw it was a picture of his dad the fading face almost looked like it wanted to kill him. There was a phone under his bed he quickly reached and dialled his dads number to warn him but the phone automatically turned off. and just when he looked out the window he saw his dad and mum tied up on the road lying there so he opened the door as surprisingly the person with the fading face was i right in front of him. TO BE CONTINUED?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Rainy Day

One day as I was walking back from school I heard a thunder clap. it was so loud my ears hurt. Nothing happened till 5 seconds after that rain started hammering down. so I checked in my bag to see if I had a raincoat but I didn't. I dashed for shelter under a tree as fast as I could. When I found a spot I was drenched like clothing getting washed.

Friday, May 31, 2013


Did you know that 347,000,000 people have diabetes across the world.

So what is diabetes?
Diabetes is a disorder where the pancreas is not producing insulin for some reason. There are 2 types of diabetes.

Diabetes type 1 usually starts when you are a kid, you get it because your pancreas isn't working or in some way disabled, the pancreas should be producing insulin. Insulin absorbs glucose (sugar) then goes into the body cells, which use sugar to make energy but if the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin you wont have enough sugar in your cells. Unfortunately Type 1 Diabetes Can’t be cured yet but the doctor can give you insulin in an injection to manage it.

Type 2
Type 2 diabetes usually occurs when you are an adult. People with diabetes feel dizzy and tired and get thirsty a lot most type 2 diabetics develop the disease because they are over weight which affects the pancreas. The doctor can give you medication to help but the most important thing to do is go on a diet and lose weight. you can cure type 2 by losing weight, eating healthy and exercising.

The long term effects of diabetes are sleep apnoea, loss of eyesight, loss of limbs because bad blood flow. Sometimes even a stroke or heart failure.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Hill With Rocks

Every day at midnight these rocks rise the dead. EVERY! Human is terrified as the scream  They build barriers on their windows to stop them from smashing the glass. My dad goes to the rock every night to protect our town but he tried destroying.The first time i knew was when I asked my  dad ‘‘what is with those rocks’’ I said he replied ‘‘you might not want to know’’ ‘‘please’’ i said. Then it hit him he needed to tell me before something happens to  me so he told me a story. Years ago the villagers who lived hear died they got buried under the rocks so ever senses something bad happens said my dad.

Thursday, May 9, 2013


Guess what happened today Will.I.AM CAME TO MY SCHOOL! I was so excited to meet him I wish I got his autograph but Mr Burt said we can’t there where lots of cameras he was gonna come to our class but he couldn't. What I liked was the performances we were gonna get printed autographs.

You should've  seen the cameras flashing at him he was getting all the fame. I wish that will be me one day, he gave our school 100,000$ for our Manaiakalani and different schools. He lives in L.A California. In WILL.I.AM part of his side he lived in a very poor neighbourhood. His mum was sick. He said'in the future you will look after my mum.

Thank you Jayden for proof reading my writing

Monday, March 18, 2013

Gone Things

One day as I went to go for a walk in the morning I noticed some strange  was going on. As I kept walking it started to get darker by the minute as I walked back home almost everybody on our street were disappearing.

I went to the police station to see what's ask if the had seen everyone but they were gone too I looked every were I called on the phone and waited to see if the would answer. No one answered, I even looked in the sewers, I checked every house and I still found nothing.

I went to go check in town and went to the place where I worked. All of a sudden a howl crowd yelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I got a big surprised because I forgot it was my birthday how silly of me. So there plan was to throw me a surprise party.

Abandoned House

On a day with clouds then darker your skin. there was boy called Bailee riding his bike through the the forest. He follows the track then turns a tight corner then all of a sudden they saw an old abandoned house. With smashed windows with shattered glass on the ground. Rusty door knobs with mice lying  everywhere and tiles that were missing of the roof.

Bailee felt heat swivel through him he thinks what will I find in there, he emages gold and money. He thinks if I found something in there no one has never seen he might become a millionaire. But he then he starts to shiver he knew that something was happening to him. He was scared he was terrified so he ran to the door.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stormy Day Narritive

One day Logan was walking on the beach in the morning suddenly all the water was gone it was Logan was very curious. All off a suddenly a tsunami rushing towards him but he couldn't even notice because he was facing the other way.

He got washed out to sea then he woke up He was under the water so he quickly swam up before he really drowned luckily a boat came speeding past and he managed to get help from his mate Lukis. We rushed him to the hospital to see if he had injures, he only had minor bruises.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poem About Me


Artsy,hard Working,good helper,sporty

I am a sibling 2 sisters and 3 brothers

I am a lover of sports And of video games

fear nothing like spiders

needs a good brain to keep me smart

gives help before disaster happens

who would like to see how kind i can be

Resident of Glenn innes

My middle name is Ronald

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Goal Movie

Frankie Auri Logan And Lukis goal movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

My Poem

Waitangi day

On Waitangi day me and my brother went to my nephews birthday we went to the reserve.We had a barbecue but it was a long time till the food was ready. So I played on the park as I was playing I saw my aunty walking past with a cake in her hand and then I was excited.

We had a long swim but I like bombing in the deep but I got a lot of cuts on my foot and that is what I didn't like the most. When I jumped, I was so close to hiting the rock that i neally cut my leg on the oyster shell.

My Portrait