Thursday, December 13, 2012

My toy story movie

Zombies Night Out

One day two kids where playing with their fish that had a disease that Jared notest he said ‘what is with this fish.’’ So they took him to the vet and Tame said there is nothing wrong with him so the fish took a bite at tame and his eyes started to turn red so we ran outside, we looked through the window and he started to chase us with flesh hanging out of his mouth so we ran.

But as soon as we knew this disease will be cared on. So we called a scientist with a formula to cure all the humans so he created a gun that zaps the formula in there body’s then they will turn to humans. But what happens if you get scratched you will be diseased as well so we zapped half of all the zombies but there was one special one you had to get. Tame was controlling them with his mind , so we got him and all the zombies were all cured.

Friday, December 7, 2012

My Netbook Reflection 2013

What I like about my netbook is that it helps me learn faster then just a pencil and paper. One thing I do not like is when i drop my netbook because I get so frustrated that I do not know what to do. What I want to be better is when the screen freezes resume back in when you restart. Writing on a piece of paper is boring and when we had to rub out our mistakes. So what I want to make better is better screens so they don’t crack that easy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon 2012

On tuesday early in the morning The year 6’s that were going to camp loaded up the coach ready to take off. As we were leaving we could see all the parents waving to us and we all waved back. Then we got to sandspit from there we took a kauwau cat that’s a ferry.

As we got there and we finished taking the load of the ferry. We all went for a hike to the top it was a pretty long way. It was a rocky path and I slipped up three times and as we got to the other side, we sat down on the grass .

Mr Marks thought that Mr Barks could skim a rock nine times across the surface of the sea then Mr Samuels said “Bring it on.” Then we all tried skimming rocks and the best person who’s rock bounced the most was Texas he did nine in a row! We thought that was good so the teacher gave him a prize.

We headed back from our tiring hike. When we were all back we quickly packed our room’s and ran outside. My friends and I got the softball set played on the field. We played so hard that we were tired.

As we got tired my friends and I got back up and heard Mr Jacobsen blow his horn it was so loud that I couldn't hear my voice so we all lined up ready to get some dinner, for dinner we had potatoes, pasta and some vegetables. Then for dessert we had custard with ice cream and pineapple pieces.

Thank you Mr Hatcings for editing my work

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jumping Is Dangerous

As two kids were playing they had a lot of fun. So as they where playing they saw a pile of leaves, so the one thing that they all thought of was to jump over all those leaves they decided to jump over that pile.

When they first jumped over it felt amazing they all felt like dancers. till one of them jumped over and saw a big jaw come out of know where so they ran away. they told their dad but he never believe them till they cry then he believed them so  he quickly ran out with a shovel.

he saw the alligator was camouflage  in the leaves so he started to wacked it till it left. Then he chased it for scaring the kids he chased it till it stopped. but it never stop so he chased it towards the creek and it worked and the alligator was  gone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zombie Chainsaw

One halloween night as two kids Anthony and Texas where walking well they had all there fun eating candy.So they dicided to a break along the road, they were so sleepy they needed to go home. Then Texas said ‘lets go home its dark.’

As they were halfway a car came past them and said they're coming, Texas said ‘who’s coming’. So they looked behind them and they saw a lot of zombies walking towards them Then Anthony screamed out RUN!!!!!!, but lucky for Texas and anthony they were fast enough to run .

But they were blocked both ways and Texas said ‘if we die we will never forget this day’ till they heard a noise it sounded like a taxi but more of a crazy taxi. So that taxi ran the zombies over and so they opened the door till they saw Justin bieber in there. So he took them to safety. So that was the time that should always run home, and never eat too much candy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Bush Walk

One day my friends and I decided to take a bush walk because we had nothing to do but stay home and play on the computer. So Henry said ‘hurry up I can’t wait’, then we packed our lunch and we were ready to go.

As we were walking we noticed night came fast everything was so dark till we heard a noise like a ZOMBIE!!!!! So we ran as fast as we called then we stopped. Then Tame turned on his phone light then all we saw was zombie’s surrounding us.

So the only thing we called do was call the zombie hunters. But they were too late as Tame died bye wandering off so we decided to have his funeral the day after.

But now the zombie hunters arrived with all their assault rifles they managed to kill them all. Till a giant zombie came. So they grabbed everything they had and ganged up on  the giant and that was over.

Now that is why you never go for a bush walk without guns and a flash light. So that was the day we called never forget tame. So everything was solved including tames death.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Robbery

One day as I walked past the shop with my father, I heard yelling and it sounded like a robbery. My  dad told me to get back. So we waited for something to apear.

We waited till Justin Bieber  was running out to his car. Then as he was running my dad got in the way. So he grabbed two of his ak-47s, they were used in the army so then he  aimed it at my dad then he said “Taste on this”.

Now do you want to know what  was going justin bieber was going. As soon as he aimed the guns Texas ran and then jumped on him then the police came. So they reward texas with 100,000 dollars

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Not A Good Idea

One day my friends and I  decided to go to the gold coast. We went there to have a swim. It was awesome .

But when I jumped  of the wharf and did a coffin bomb I cut my leg on a rock. Then blood started bleeding out.  As I noticed a shark sensed it then started to circle me.

So then I yelled for help. as the lifeguard noticed  the blood in the sea so he swam out and managed to get me away from the shark.  They had to put nets out to keep sharks away.

As I thought it was a bad thing to do. So I was taken home. I said to myself "I am never going to swim again".

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dream Holiday

For my dream holiday I would like to go to the Gold Coast. But i’ve never been there before, nether on an airplane. It would be the best day of my life. I wondered what it feels like on an airplane.

If I got there the first thing my family would do is look for a hotel. Then would go to the town and buy some close some leather jackets fifty nine 50 new era snapback. So after we would go buy some food I would go hungry jacks.
Then after a few weeks we would go home.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Amputated Limbs

Do you want to know what we did yesterday? We learnt what it feels like with amputated limbs!
Amputated limbs is when your body parts have been chopped of or they can't move that is called “paralyzed”.

When our first sport came we had to run at our full speed limit. But when we finished our first run he Mr Marks came up with an idea to make us tie a rope with one arm in and one out. As we ran it felt strange because it slows you down.

But the next sport was much easier because you throw a softball. When I first threw it, it went far but my second one was not great. because it was the same as running we had amputated limbs. So When I threw it, it was like it only went 4 metres away.

Monday, September 10, 2012

New Zealand's Got Talent 2012

Guess what happend on Sunday? New Zealand’s got talent!
When I watched it, it was pretty fascinating. My mind was blown away by the first act but it was mostly funny. The first act came out funny with a drum kit and a trumpet. and when he started to bang his head and you could hear a loud BANG!!!!!! but in the end he did not go on to the next round.

The next act were the jgeeks but I will name them the maori boys. When they performed they were good they had a different mix of songs but my favourite song was red red wine. But then they danced in front of the judges and the past.

My favourite was a man who broke one of the judges hearts by singing her husband song.
As he sang he brang joy to the house and tears. but mostly broke Rachel Hunter's heart.
she liked the version that he sang and it was beautiful.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sport Acting

Guess what happened in the hall? We were working on our art in motion!
We chose our images in class.  What we had to do was pick out of these sports.
Fencing,boxing,basketball,taekwondo,diving,weightlifting. We had to pick and see who’s was the best out of six. Then we went to the hall  to try them but in motion. The first motion was basketball then fencing after that was boxing then weightlifting, Diving and last of all taekwondo. We had to be recorded and then we were done.

Clay WorkShop

Guess what happend on friday last week? We went to youthtown!
Most of us were split into groups and some of us went with their teachers.I was with my teacher.

We were first up in the clay workshop.
 I was thinking of  illustrated my nephew's

What I first started of was with the clay. They gave us clay with a piece of
cardboard,  and a kebab stick. We used the cardboard first we put in on the clay and used the kebab stick to cut out a squir.

Then I had to do the corner so when we put the class in it won’t spill out. the top can not be thin because it will brake.

Then I went on to rolling some letters. The first letter I started of with was the N it was tricky
then I went on to the L it was easy.
then I put some colored glass on it because you don't want it plain white.

Five A Side Football

Five a side football is a sport that is tricky. They must use everything they got.
But as you know that all the players are blindfolded and the goalkeeper isn’t. So the blindfolded players have to use their senses so the have ball control.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seated VolleyBall

Guess what we watched this morning? Seated volleyball!
Seated volleyball is sport in the paralympics and it is all about teamwork. In every set there is victory and defeat. But as I watched  I could see that they were attacking the ball like a bull at high speed, well one of teams members dodged it from getting hit. most of the players had amputated limbs. So that means it would not be fair on the other’s so they would sit on the ground. By moving they would use their hands to drag themself.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Most tiring thing of the year

As it came to a day But do you know which day? CROSS COUNTRY!!!

The track is that you run through the bush walk but as soon as you come to the second bridge you don’t turn right you turn left. Then keep running till you get to the end , so then you run through the next one and until you get out you don't run through the gate in front of you  turn left then right , then again right.

As Mr Burt clapped it was really hard to think am  going to do better then last time!
So i got in position and read to get a good start off. He said “ready set GO!”!!! As I started of my shoes were drenched in the mud so i lifted my legs faster.

When I was running I could hear my legs pounding the ground. My heart was beating too fast that i could not hear it. But then it started slowing down as i slowed down but my lungs did not they were huffing and puffing.

As I was running most of the way isaia started to pull me back but i still made it so i did not stop till I went past him. But till I ran past most people I Jogged. and then My shoes drowned in a puddle of mudd. Then I slowed down.

The finish line was near but to many kids were in my way so i stopped. But then i could hear the crowd saying all of the house colours. So i sprinted to the finish line coming a place of 6th better then last years.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BBQ Sausages

Guess what happened yesterday? We grilled some sausages on Mr Marks BBQ!
Mr Marks told us that  he went to the mad butcher to get some sausages. There were 32 Children so that means he would have to get 10$ pack with 40 sausages. That means that there will be 8 left so he could have them to himself.

Now we were up to chopping onions  because this is THE WORST PART. As soon as you finish peeling it and then you chopping it your EYES HURT! Try not to water your eyes because it hurts more.

When I ate it I could taste the meet. Most of it was nice because I like tomato sauce.
Plus the bread gave it texture.

Friday, August 10, 2012

My Cross Country Practice

Guest what we do every day just before school ends? Cross country! We all run from year five, to year six. One track that we first ran was to run to the start of the car park were Mrs King would be.
Then we kept running down the we run around Mr S then run back through the breeze back on to the court.

When we first ran off most of the year sixes were sprinting.
I tried not to because that would be wasting all your energy so I decided to jog.
The as I got up to Mrs King she said “come on Lukis you can do it but don't sprint”.

When I circled around Mr s I ran into a traffic jam of people. But I managed to run on the grass but then there lots more people in the way. So I had to walk then as I got through a ran through the breeze door onto the court. We had to walk around the court.

Till we had to stretch. But if we talked we had to sit down.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Basketball Experience

Guess what happened on thursday? We went to basketball. We meet Ty and Shanethey taught us how to jump stop  and  how to jump stop by taking two steps. He Said “jump turn well keeping one foot on the ground”. We spin the ball around your with your finger
It was very difficult but

We spin the ball around your with your finger tips.
It was very difficult but
except for them because they were professionals.
We had to listen to what they said. “for our next activity use your fingertip to spin the ball around your head 10 times then pass it on”.  It was awkward because I could not do it. But as I bounced the ball I could hear it pounding the concrete like a digger hitting the concrete
So we had to spin it around our waist that was easier  but me and Taniela were the best at it. then comes to doing it all from head
waist legs five times. That was hard the we had to pass it on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Monday, July 30, 2012

Session Two Art In Movment

What we first started of with was warm ups we did running around,skipping and running back words.
The most challenging with my group was listening, some did some didn't. We had to do Texas one first then we did ours.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Simile Things

We have been learning about personification and simile in our reading this week.  

Oylmpic Torch Relay

Months before the olympic games a female  acts like a priestess, who ignites the first runners  torch .   It's carried on to the next person  then he runs to the Host City Stadium .

The  olympic torch is brought  through the opening ceremony.  When the runners torch is  carried on to the last carrier. Then when it ignites the cauldron the olympics
officially begins .  

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olympic Symbol

This term our inquiry topic is the Olympic Games. We will be taking a close look at the London games and also uncovering some of the amazing stories of the Olympics, both past and present.

The olympics rings  are known as the olympic symbol. The colored version of the rings forms the olympics flag. This was the colors blue, yellow,black, green and red covering over a white field . These colours were chosen because at least every continents had one. (Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australia). It was first made in  1914 and raised in 1920.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Art Gallery

             What do I like about it? It is a very interesting way of illustrating the art.

What is it about? It is an artists impression of Bruno Mars. The person who did this piece of art is Mikaiah.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alien Pet Shop

Once upon a time there lived a kid me Lukis. I was very polite to people and kind but one day when I was playing outside there was a u.f.o above me. I could not see it because it was invisible, the u.f.o sleeped gassed me then took me out to space. Do you know were? to mars!
It was very scary they took me to their town and through me in to the pet shop I could not escape because there were lazerz surrounding me. But I forgot that my dad was coming to discover mars he never knew that they had a town so he disguised himself as an alien and visited the pet shop he saw me then he brought me I don't know how but then he took me home by his rocket
and it was a great journey home.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monet The French Painter

Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter who enjoyed painting the same subject, landscapes or cityscape  at  different time of day or seasons. Impressionist wanted to paint different times of day because they liked to capture the light in the moment .

Monet created his beautiful garden at home in Giverny. Then He used it as his subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly changing and moves.

The famous  painting of the japanese bridge shows and arch bridge that crosses over a pond. The pond is surrounded with trees  and shrubs with changes color with seasons. It also changes colors throughout the day.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a french painter. He invented the orphism art form . He uses vibrant colours and geometric shapes. One of his drawings was of his wife and he was a poet.

He liked to use bright vibrant colours. What he mostly used was contrasting colours that oppose each other. He also uses geometric shapes so that it looks like things.

In the painting of the Tall Portuguese Woman he painted a plant on the left hand side. It had different colours on it to make it contrast. In the center he uses circles to make the woman look like she is at work.

Ducks stuck

I have been learning about the illustrator Ali Teo and her fun playful style of art.
These are the kinds of animals she draws.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Jackson Pollock

Guess what happened? We are learning about Jackson Pollock! Also we have an animation stack about him , he died at a very young age 44. He was marred to Lee Kranser

So Mr Marks  said ‘lets go outside and paint like Jackson Pollock’, we all walked outside with our paint brushes buckets of paint and big pieces paper taped it to cardboard. It was a nice sunny day outside.

I helped Mr Marks lay the paint out. There were lots of colors. I saw black, yellow, red, pink, gold, purple and green.

So I picked up a paint brush from a bucket and splattered purple. So I picked up a gold paint brush and splattered again and then it turned in chaotic mess. I flicked and some went on my shoes!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Guess what happens for two weeks this term? Swimming! We are all in separate groups, one, two and three. Most people were in group one but I was in group two.

So as i jumped in I felt the rippling water all around me. Kids in my group made waves with the flutter boards . Chlorine and chemicals were inside the pool but the one thing was you could not see it.

Excitedly we got to meet our swimming instructor Natalie . She asked us some questions. Like what is our names.
                                                                                                                                                     With our flutter board we put our hands on the back of the board and did slow arm strokes but fast kicking. When I was told to have a go I sucked my lungs in, bobbed my head down and kicked fast to an imaginary island. As I hopped out I was drenched wet, I had a rinse off, got changed and went back to school.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Swimming 2012

My movie is about me swimming
and learning more ways to swim.
Im getting better and better every day.
Im in group two its good we have a good swimming instructor.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

This is what happened in assembly today. All the teachers had to act  like paintings or art that people like. Team One  had a pretty good video with animals.

Team Twos item had flowers in it. Their video shows artworks by famous artists. They were also dressed up as flowers.

The funniest act was Team Three because every time Mrs Barks looked at the school, the paintings came alive. The Queen of Samoa Salamasina statue was one of these. The statue dougied which made us laugh. When it was the ballerina painting it started to do ballet dancing.

My teachers Team was very funny mostly because of the paintings. Like a car, duck and a pig . When Ms Garden was acting she said she got her ear chopped off, because she was Vincent Van Gogh.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Easter Show

What I am mosly looking forward to in the holidays is the Easter show. It's really fun, last year when I went there, there was a ride could the turbo buster. There is lots of rides that you could go on.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sleeping in our tents

At night time there was broken silences as you could hear people getting out there secret stashes of food. The teachers came by waiting for them to go to sleep. When I went to sleep I heard strange noises like bag zips opening and biscuits crunching but my buddies could not stop playing with there torches. They nearly made us run around the field 50 times.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Camp Kayaking

As we got to the Pt England Reserve we saw the kayak’s laying on the beach. Then we saw Mr Burt, he was waiting to talk to us about safety and wearing a life jacket. Logan and I were in a pair and went in o a double Kayak. It was fun because we collided with people. He nearly made us capsize by rocking us and we were splashing each other.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Camp

What I am looking forward to for camp is going to Swimorama. Mostly I like to go on the hydro slide. Its hard to see but it’s pretty fun because it’s probably the second best pools I've been to. I once went fast and it was so exiting I wanted to go again.

I am most nervous about going on the kayaks. Last year I didn’t get to go, because we were out of time. But now I will try.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lukis blind fold course

Guess what we done in the hall? We played on a Obstacle course and do you know what the trickiest part is? Your blind folded. You each get a partner so they can help you.

As you can see you walk on the been, there are ropes that you have to walk over, things that look like punching bags then you have to zigzag through the cones. Walk over the mattresses. Go on to the stage then jump on to to a the high jump pad.

But as I did it felt like night time and I can’t see. But all I heard was my partners voice trying to talk to me where to go, Also laughing. Yelling was hearting my ears from the girls. As it was my partners tern he did it perfectly. Because I told him the directions. When he jumped on to the pad he front flipped.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic 2012

As we were on the field there was a convoy of crazy excited kids. Mr Marks was tossing the gridiron ball to people and he launched it pretty far. Now we had to wait after Mr Burt’s speech to play.

Mr Burt's speech wasn't that long but we got to go. So our class went to find a spot under the big tree. Then we went to enjoy an exiting day.

As we got to the beach, when pushing my feet under the sand it sifted through my toes and other people's toes. As it was time for us to swim Anthony and I were the first kids in. Suddenly big waves started to appear and it was getting colder.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Finding a image that I could use

1. Go to Google and write in any think .

2.Go to images next to the blue writing.

3.Go to a cogwheel then go to advanced search .

4.Change the rights to free to use or share as you click on the down arrow.

5. Then find your image

Thursday, February 16, 2012


A kiwi fruit like mine was hairy and it felt like a tennis ball but it didn't bounce like one. As I was rubbing it, sometimes in the places I was squeezing it was soft and squishy.

As I went to lick it it tasted sour in my mouth and the juice was sliding down my thought. Mr Marks said we could bite it. Then I took a bite and it was sliding down my thought and it was juicy. Then I looked at my other half and in the inside looked like an eye and the seeds were the eyelashes, which was really funny.

Then I ate it but it pretty much tasted the same. Then as I looked at my face I had kiwi fruit around my mouth. Then Mr Marks told me to wash my face.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

weaR it with pride when you where your uniform.

walk in linE when your teacher tells you to

Stop,think and do when the teacher says so.

Purua to potae when you have no hat.

bE kind to visitors as they visit your classroom.

Chuck it in the bin when rubbish is on the ground.

play The right way when you think your playing the wrong way.

Friday, February 3, 2012

My name is Lukis this is my first time using my net book since last year. I'm a year 6 and I am in room15. There were 31 kids in room fifteen last year but now
there are 35! which is a lot.

I like being back at school because I like to play with my friends , and play on my net book.

I cant wait for camp to begin its going to be lots of fun and there might be lots of people. There will be lots of sports around like rugby which is my favorite and all kind of other sports. I need to improve my reading because that's why i might be in the same class, but i don't mind because i might go to a higher class next year.

Field trips are coming up I wonder where will we go? The production will be coming up, You sign up but you have to have the x Factor .Ppeople are going to sign up for glee you will have to see Miss M.