Tuesday, August 30, 2011


On Thursday with Miss M after morning tea we went to badminton with excitement. Our teacher was Donna she was showing us ways to hit because if we didn't you will miss the shuttle. Some of the styles to hit were hard because if you miss you will be out in the game.

After that we had a game of soccer badminton which was really fun because it was a challenge. There was a net we have to hit over. When you hit it over you have to have a strait,direct aim because it can go out.

We had to have fast feet to run as fast as you can if they hit the shuttle at the right and your on the left you will miss the shuttle. Because I did that once and I missed. If you had to hit the shuttle hit it to the right if there on the left side.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun with Snow

In the snow people liked to make snow angels. The snow was the perfect thickness to make the snow angels yesterday after the cold polar blast. If it snowed on your lawn would you make snow angels would you?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Education Bus

Last week we went to Life Education Bus with Harold. We have been learning about what is the right things to eat. What we were looking at were tasks that Harold told us to do. There were four tasks.

They were difficult because we didn't know the meaning of words like body systems. It was hard for us to figure that out. Only when we saw a video which explained us things like the liver, did I understand.

We learned that the liver sorts out stuff like healthy and unhealthy foods. Because healthy goes in the right path and unhealthy goes through the left tube. Bye the time we finished they gave us books and stickers.

The first rugby ball

The first rugby ball was made from pig’s bladders (a pig’s bladder is a body part that stores urine). It was unhealthy and smelly. People had to blow up pig’s bladders like balloons but now they use stems of a clay pipe.

Some of the people that made the rugby balls didn’t like the fact that rugby balls were made with pig’s bladder. The smell of urine made it hard for people to blow up the rugby balls. If I had to do that I would never do it again.

Now there are new rugby balls made with synthetic materials which are better and soft. More and more people like rugby balls now like me, because I like them when they are made out of rubber.