Monday, July 8, 2013

Prospective SAtudent

He’s thinking i can't do this its to hard i should just let go risk my life for nothing. Then he thinks again I can do this i will persevere to the end. He reaches the top then he sees the dojo so he slowly walks to the top as he anxiously knocks on the door.

Then the master opens the door and with a face he pointed away. The student did not know what he was pointing so he decided to meditate and with one i his eye lid opened but the master was still pointing.

So he was disappointed but in five different faces he came up with an idea he was gonna prove to him that he's worthy. Then he kicks open the door the the master points at the sign please use side entry. He was embarrassed.

J.L Little red

Little red riding hood was a bad little girl she got her name from her temper she had. She never listen to her mum what are the odds she got a phone. She is like a boss she tells her parents what to do but she disobeys the rules. One day she went to her grandmother house on her way she saw the big bad wolf. She quickly phoned the zoo and sayd to the zoo what will I get for a reward?.