Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp Bentzon 2012

On tuesday early in the morning The year 6’s that were going to camp loaded up the coach ready to take off. As we were leaving we could see all the parents waving to us and we all waved back. Then we got to sandspit from there we took a kauwau cat that’s a ferry.

As we got there and we finished taking the load of the ferry. We all went for a hike to the top it was a pretty long way. It was a rocky path and I slipped up three times and as we got to the other side, we sat down on the grass .

Mr Marks thought that Mr Barks could skim a rock nine times across the surface of the sea then Mr Samuels said “Bring it on.” Then we all tried skimming rocks and the best person who’s rock bounced the most was Texas he did nine in a row! We thought that was good so the teacher gave him a prize.

We headed back from our tiring hike. When we were all back we quickly packed our room’s and ran outside. My friends and I got the softball set played on the field. We played so hard that we were tired.

As we got tired my friends and I got back up and heard Mr Jacobsen blow his horn it was so loud that I couldn't hear my voice so we all lined up ready to get some dinner, for dinner we had potatoes, pasta and some vegetables. Then for dessert we had custard with ice cream and pineapple pieces.

Thank you Mr Hatcings for editing my work

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jumping Is Dangerous

As two kids were playing they had a lot of fun. So as they where playing they saw a pile of leaves, so the one thing that they all thought of was to jump over all those leaves they decided to jump over that pile.

When they first jumped over it felt amazing they all felt like dancers. till one of them jumped over and saw a big jaw come out of know where so they ran away. they told their dad but he never believe them till they cry then he believed them so  he quickly ran out with a shovel.

he saw the alligator was camouflage  in the leaves so he started to wacked it till it left. Then he chased it for scaring the kids he chased it till it stopped. but it never stop so he chased it towards the creek and it worked and the alligator was  gone.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zombie Chainsaw

One halloween night as two kids Anthony and Texas where walking well they had all there fun eating candy.So they dicided to a break along the road, they were so sleepy they needed to go home. Then Texas said ‘lets go home its dark.’

As they were halfway a car came past them and said they're coming, Texas said ‘who’s coming’. So they looked behind them and they saw a lot of zombies walking towards them Then Anthony screamed out RUN!!!!!!, but lucky for Texas and anthony they were fast enough to run .

But they were blocked both ways and Texas said ‘if we die we will never forget this day’ till they heard a noise it sounded like a taxi but more of a crazy taxi. So that taxi ran the zombies over and so they opened the door till they saw Justin bieber in there. So he took them to safety. So that was the time that should always run home, and never eat too much candy.