Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Motat Trip

Guess what we did on Thursday? We went to Motat! To make it fair we were all split in o four groups.

I was in group four, my friends weren't in there but I was still lucky because we did fun stuff.
Our adult was Mya's sister, she was nice. It was a bit cool because we got to check out lots of inventions that we needed.

Some were like type writers. But the coolest one I saw there was sort of like a spade, but it was smaller, it was a chopping board. You chop stuff on there then push the sides in with the handle then tip it.

After that we went over to the challenge zone. My favourite thing there is this spinning ride. It goes fast but you have to start off slowly because you might spew. I went a bit fast and felt sick! Luckily I slowed down.

After that ride I went to the earthquake house but you need to push this green button to start and a red button to stop. In the house was a bit bumpy and when I pushed the red button it stopped straight away and then I banged my head. It was time to go back to where we started from to have our lunch.

When lunch was finished it was time to finish off everything were doing. First off we went to the mirror maze with excitement. Once I went there in the inside I walked into the glass it was a bit sore but I still walked out, I went in it five times. After that it was time to go to the tactile dome. Sometimes when I went in there I got lost but you only can choose three people to go with you. I got lost but we had a person that's been then before. After that we got to go back on the bus to go home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Painting patterns on to cushions

This pattern is my name. It will be going on cushions that
we are making. We had to paint on paper because we had to test it. I don't want to change anything because it looks great. My next step might be getting a vivid and doing the
outline of my work.