Friday, September 27, 2013

My Poem

Where I'm from the feel of the breeze makes me feel free
Look at me I'm holding boiling sand in my hand.
Yelling  like my dad to the dog dashing through the water splashing.
Cousins sitting on the beach listening to the seagulls screech.
diving in the sea as if I was a dolphin.  

Listening to dubstep vibrating to my ear you might not know that it feels really weird.

Love Movie


Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Reflection

We planned our movie pretty well and our story board had enough detail. We improved on how fast we finished our movie even though we had to record a few times.Our message was to make a rap about something that happened in history. My group did a rap about Martin Luther King. We illustrated our movie well and it all matched our rap. It was good but we could have improved it a little bit like trying not to trace.

We never filmed, all we did was an animation about MLK to show how important he is. There were no emotions in this movie but we edited well. The negative was that I did not like our recording because  you could hear a noise that we did not like but we just had to stick with it because we would have wasted our time to redo it.

The quality was good even though I traced MLK but the rest I did not. My backgrounds weren't good but at least the drawings were good.Our animations were good like the one how MLK's house blows up. They were all detailed. The movie connects well with all the senses.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Martin Luther King & Nelson Mandela

Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were both men who had a dream to make their countries have racial equality. They both have suffered violence with racism and struggled with with life in prison but they still had a dream to conquer civil rights inequality with the black and white.

Nelson.M was born in July 18, 1918 in South Africa and suffered a lot of violence in jail for 27 years. He was sent to jail on April 20, 1964. He had a dream to solve equal rights between the white and black people. Back in those days the black people in South Africa could not vote for anything until Nelson.M came and he changed the country's life.

Martin.LK was born Januarary 5th 1929. His mother was a school teacher, she taught Martin how to read before he went to school. He had a brother, Alfred and a sister Christine. Both his father and his grandfather were ministers. Martin was very good in school so he skipped grades in both elementary school and high school. He discovered issues in racism. Martin.Lk was mad when he saw signs in the public that said whites only, so he wanted to do something to stop racism.