Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School Picnic 2012

As we were on the field there was a convoy of crazy excited kids. Mr Marks was tossing the gridiron ball to people and he launched it pretty far. Now we had to wait after Mr Burt’s speech to play.

Mr Burt's speech wasn't that long but we got to go. So our class went to find a spot under the big tree. Then we went to enjoy an exiting day.

As we got to the beach, when pushing my feet under the sand it sifted through my toes and other people's toes. As it was time for us to swim Anthony and I were the first kids in. Suddenly big waves started to appear and it was getting colder.


  1. Hi Lukis

    I like how your story described about the beach on Friday it has good details in it!

    Did you draw that picture on tux paint or hyperstudio?


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