Friday, May 20, 2011

News Paper Buildings

On Monday we got to build newspaper structures. We had to go to Room 14 because we were split up into groups of half of Room 14 and half of Room 15. I was with Room 14’s class. I didn’t know what we were going to do.

There were three people in our group. I hoped we were going to do something fun. We were learning about kids inventions. Their teacher showed us a movie about this. We had to name inventions and there were lots to name. We had to do weird inventions to. There were five to name. I named one stereo shoes, another was closeable bridge, and a third, headed tissue box. That’s all we could name because we were tired. Then I forgot we were going to swap at lunch time.

When lunch time was over we got to build our tower. We only got 8 pieces of newspaper. We only had a short time to build and Mr Marks gave us some tips. Some of them were rolling tubes. When we made our one it was huge but it was on a lean so we saw a gap and put sellotape on it. Braces is what we put on the bottom like tripod legs.


  1. Hi Lukis
    I really like your writing abort biding your tower did you hid lots of fun. I beat you did.
    from James

  2. Hi Lukis
    I liked your story about bilding your tower my team beet your team I had lots of fun did you


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