Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cross Country

Guess what we did on September the 7th on Wednesday? You get to go in to four groups there names are Takitumu,Tainui ,Te Arawa and Mataatua, only four yr1's up to yr6. It is cross country!

Starting off wasn't a good start as other people sprinted. As I started on the grass it was harder for me to run. There was a road of shells which was noisy. There were pukeko’s pecking. I could smell muddy creaks which were smelly and there were tree’s which were reflecting the sea.

As I was running I felt a bit nervous because my brother was going to beat me. As soon as I came down the hill I could feel my brother hammering his feet as he was running and he was getting beaten.

At the end my brother tried to come past me, but the time for my brother was gonna end. I was sprinting as fast as I could in hot pursuit to the finish line. We came a tie. I felt proud with completion.

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