Thursday, September 6, 2012

Clay WorkShop

Guess what happend on friday last week? We went to youthtown!
Most of us were split into groups and some of us went with their teachers.I was with my teacher.

We were first up in the clay workshop.
 I was thinking of  illustrated my nephew's

What I first started of was with the clay. They gave us clay with a piece of
cardboard,  and a kebab stick. We used the cardboard first we put in on the clay and used the kebab stick to cut out a squir.

Then I had to do the corner so when we put the class in it won’t spill out. the top can not be thin because it will brake.

Then I went on to rolling some letters. The first letter I started of with was the N it was tricky
then I went on to the L it was easy.
then I put some colored glass on it because you don't want it plain white.

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