Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Zombie Chainsaw

One halloween night as two kids Anthony and Texas where walking well they had all there fun eating candy.So they dicided to a break along the road, they were so sleepy they needed to go home. Then Texas said ‘lets go home its dark.’

As they were halfway a car came past them and said they're coming, Texas said ‘who’s coming’. So they looked behind them and they saw a lot of zombies walking towards them Then Anthony screamed out RUN!!!!!!, but lucky for Texas and anthony they were fast enough to run .

But they were blocked both ways and Texas said ‘if we die we will never forget this day’ till they heard a noise it sounded like a taxi but more of a crazy taxi. So that taxi ran the zombies over and so they opened the door till they saw Justin bieber in there. So he took them to safety. So that was the time that should always run home, and never eat too much candy.

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