Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Picture Part 1

The moment he saw the picture he froze like a statue. He could see a fading face in every picture. He was so terrified that he almost fainted, So he ran and as he was running he yelled ‘mum dad’ he said but there was no reply so he quickly sprinted to his room and hid under his blanket. Slowly he put one hand on the edge of the blanket and through it to the ground. There was a Picture on his draw it was a picture of his dad the fading face almost looked like it wanted to kill him. There was a phone under his bed he quickly reached and dialled his dads number to warn him but the phone automatically turned off. and just when he looked out the window he saw his dad and mum tied up on the road lying there so he opened the door as surprisingly the person with the fading face was i right in front of him. TO BE CONTINUED?

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  1. WOW!Your picture scary me but your story is very amazing at the same time WOW I was amazed at what you did anyway I come from Tamaki Primary School Room 10 blog.


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