Monday, September 23, 2013

Movie Reflection

We planned our movie pretty well and our story board had enough detail. We improved on how fast we finished our movie even though we had to record a few times.Our message was to make a rap about something that happened in history. My group did a rap about Martin Luther King. We illustrated our movie well and it all matched our rap. It was good but we could have improved it a little bit like trying not to trace.

We never filmed, all we did was an animation about MLK to show how important he is. There were no emotions in this movie but we edited well. The negative was that I did not like our recording because  you could hear a noise that we did not like but we just had to stick with it because we would have wasted our time to redo it.

The quality was good even though I traced MLK but the rest I did not. My backgrounds weren't good but at least the drawings were good.Our animations were good like the one how MLK's house blows up. They were all detailed. The movie connects well with all the senses.

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