Thursday, February 16, 2012


A kiwi fruit like mine was hairy and it felt like a tennis ball but it didn't bounce like one. As I was rubbing it, sometimes in the places I was squeezing it was soft and squishy.

As I went to lick it it tasted sour in my mouth and the juice was sliding down my thought. Mr Marks said we could bite it. Then I took a bite and it was sliding down my thought and it was juicy. Then I looked at my other half and in the inside looked like an eye and the seeds were the eyelashes, which was really funny.

Then I ate it but it pretty much tasted the same. Then as I looked at my face I had kiwi fruit around my mouth. Then Mr Marks told me to wash my face.

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  1. Hi lukis the kiwi fruit was yum was it hope we again thank for helping me it class you and logan are my best friend see later


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