Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly

“It is a good start to the term” I said to myself. The theme for this term is Game On. It is about sport and the Commonwealth games. As soon as I got to school our class went to the hall and then we started with our Immersion Assembly.

Team one movie was a weird one. I didn't really understand that one because I wasn’t even listening. Team two on the other hand I think was about the countries and our old teacher is back from america so thats good.  

Team three was funny because Mr Goodwin was dressed up as a reggae person he was pretty funny. They showed a video it was about competing in things like sport and other things. The one I think I like the most would be team five I didn't know what happened in team four.

Team five is when the teachers went on a holiday to different countries. My favourite was Miss Lagitupu she went to Glenn Innes. Miss Nua went to spain. I heard it looks fantastic. Ms clark went to New York. Miss Paget went to Atlanta in America.

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