Monday, July 28, 2014

Commonwealth Country

Australia Is located in oceania near the beautiful New Zealand and some pacific island. They have a well over population of 23,564,607! that is crazy. There capital city is Canterbury,but the place that people would go for their holidays (vacation) would be gold cost it has some of the best features. Like a theme park for the kids including splash planet and many more.

Thier favourite sport (their most played sport) is Aussie Rules . There is 2,659 clubs that play, it is played outdoor and the only have one equipment a football. I think there 2nd sport thats most played his rugby there super rugby teams are Brumbies,Reds,Waratahs,Rebels and Force there Nrl teams ACT,NSW,Queensland and Western Australia.

Thier flag Color is red, white and blue There flag has the union jack the 5 southern stars and the commonwealth stars.

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