Friday, August 22, 2014

Taking care of my body

Why do we have a body? To move and do things! That is why it is so important you must look after your body. The main thing is trying not to injure your body that is why you must take good care. If you're riding a skateboard you will need protection for your body like knee pads elbow pads and a helmet. Try to avoid dangerous stuff, because it may kill you or injure you.

If you take drugs or alcohol thats the main problem if smoke,inhale and inject these stuff can affect your brain and it changes what your brain does and other stuff it can slow down your transmitters(the messages that the brain sends to the rest of the body to move and other things). It can slow the down so it would take a long time and your body can be damaged.

alcohol is something that can kill if you drink at less 5 bottles that may give you some loss of memory. Maybe 8 that will probably make you have anger issues or get into fights. 10 you will probably become clumsy starteld if you were to drink a whole bottle of vodka thats dangerous you will become unconscious what are the chances of you surviving your death.

One teenager died he drank one whole bottle of vodka and his mates decided to give him more because of the way he was acting,they thought he was funny. Then his mates found him unconscious they thought he was ok but the next morning his mates went to go check on him and he was dead.He was a good athlete he went to kings college his name was james only if it wasn't for that one night.

There are lots of things that can kill you injure or do whatever to thats why it is good that your body is protected.

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