Friday, August 15, 2014


For the past few weeks we have been going to the life education bus what we learned about was drugs. We had to be mature if you want to learn. The first drug we learned about was cannabis known as marijuana (weed, tinny, pot) and it was about people who were addicted to it and people who lost their reputation now they are on track.

There were a few more drugs like cocaine (crack) meth and lots more including pills that can kill you. There is stuff that you can inhale like nos (nitrous gas) most drugs affect the brain. It slows down your neurotransmitters in the brain. But some can speed it up faster and faster until the next day you're as lazy as a slug. That can affect you because then you might be addicted so then you have to keep taking that drug. It would probably be the only way to boost your neurotransmitters.

Alcohol can kill only if you drink too much. A tragedy happened when a boy called James died by drinking one whole bottle of vodka. His mates thought that he was sleeping but the next morning he was found unconscious and dead. He was a good athlete and competed in many sports, if it wasn't for that one night.

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