Friday, August 29, 2014

Argeuments Againest fitness

I believe kids should exercise every day because in       
our country we don't want to raise a population of overweight people. Also exercise can help children to play a lot of sports and maybe make it into some sports teams.

Children need to be fit for anything that gets in their way. We are also trying to stop people sitting on the couch all day. Our school are focusing on becoming good athletes.

Fitness is my main priority. That is why I agree that our kids have to be smart, fit and healthy. That does  also include adults. If that doesn't happen, our country could be filled with overweight kids and adults. I also think that fitter kids are smarter kids.

Our school does running every day. The Year 8’s & 7’s  run to the Pt England reserve and back twice. We are training for our school country. So if we're healthy and if we are fit, our nation will be stronger and healthier.

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