Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Year 8 Camp

Packed my bags and ready to go!

Got to the school and got put in our teams. Waiting for the prey and then we are on our way. We loaded our bags on the bus and we took of nothing to do on the bus but eat lollies even Mrs Nua had some but she said if you litter you have to pick up all the rubbish.

arriving at a beach was alright until we were to we would have to walk the rest of the way we had to walk threw a rive put our shoes on keep on walking. Muddy as patches my shoes felt heavy as but the view was spectacular. We were facing a beach and the water looked amazing i felt like swimming in it. but there were these massive rocks that almost looked like giant bark. it was like a maze but as soon as you know it we found our way out we were sitting on grass and had our morning tea ‘’FINALLY’’ i said. We all had a drink of water and the walked down to the beach we all had a play a rest and my mate Frankie was doing forward flips on the sand. So we hoped back on the bus and went to the camp site.

as soon as we arrived the whole place looked lonely the sand volley ball it looked like hardly anyone stepped on it. There was only one or two people one of there names were Michael. He showed us around he showed us the boys cabins the confidence course,water slide and flying fox when he showed us the water slide he said there was a lot of incidents. when I saw the flying fox i said “damn thats high”. It looked terrifying from the bottom.  

day bye day sort of got boring but! I still enjoyed it the last day was the best going to Waiwera. Straight away almost everyone charged for the water slides,there were only too there was three but the other wan was closed because it was too dangerous. Each slide was given a name one was called the bullet(because you go super fast) one was called the twists(because they twist) The closed one was called black hole(thats cause you can't see).

I went on the slides like four times the I decided to relax in the movie pool.I did not like the movie, It was planes  its like a childish movie so i just sat down in the pool, Its 43˚c.But the lava pool was the hottest it is 48˚c you have to be very quiet in that pool.When we left everybody at the camp did not want to go back to school.

Arriving back to school everybody was lazy and floppy.We unpacked did our prey and ready to go, Just In time for Halloween.

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  1. Hi Lukis. Camp looked like a lot of fun going by your recount and the photos. Well done you for sharing your experiences at camp.


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