Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics 2014

“It’s was a great day for athletics”

3rd of nov was the day we And we had athletics. Helping to set it up was a challenge. There was shot put, high jump, Discus, 75 and 100 meter sprints, javelin, sack race,tug of war,softball throw and last of all hurdles.

The first sport was discus Miss’s Nua said we had to line up in to 2 lines noncompetitive and the competitive line. noncompetitive was my line i am not that sporty. None of us hardly tried till Miss Tito said she would give us an ice cream.

Javelin was the hardest trying to get it in the ground. I didn't even get a spot i tried my hardest. But still there are other sports i could try in. The main one i was focusing on was high jump coming in a place in that would be spectacular.


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