Friday, June 27, 2014



What is echolocation?
Echolocation is used by some animals and maybe a human and submarines. This is like powers. If you make a sound in a classroom it will rebound off the barriers in front of you and around you, and it will come back. It’s like if you blow at your hand the wind comes back. A boy called Ben Underwood used echolocation. He was blind and lost his eyes at the age of 3. Echolocation helped him see.

Who or what can use it?
Submarines can use it. This is a little different to how animals use it. When they're in the water, the submarines send out a signal. If it comes back it gets detected on their monitor and then will will know somethings out there. That’s just the same as whales and dolphins. They make a sound so they can see if anything is out there too. Bats are spectacular as they can hear really well. Their hearing is better than ours.

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