Monday, December 8, 2014

Future Aspiration

This morning we had some speakers, Our future inspiration. There were some truly moving stories. The first speaker was introduced (Mr Anthony Samuels). He was on the New Zealand famous program 'What Now'. He started as an actor on this program and he would be on 8am to 11am. He was a pretty funny actor. He told us 1 phrase and 1 key. The phrase was 'TO MIHARO HOKI' that means you or someone is amazing. He also said: 'Don't let the past determine your future'. This was the key.

The most moving story was from a man named Pola. He told us that he was the best at swimming when he was a child. But he really wasn’t because he told us that when he got tired he would just stand up in the water and pretend that he was swimming. He said he was tall when he was in intermediate. That's why he could do that. He told us has anyone of their class laughed at you before some of us said yes. This part was moving he said he went to a competition and a different school and they had a pool.

He was waiting for them to clap these woods together so he can start. Then it clapped  he was swimming and swimming then when he came half-way everybody started to get tired he was too. So he tried to pretend he was swimming he tried to touch the ground but as he noticed it was to deep. So he started doing this style could drowning. So the lifeguard jumped in and pulled him out he started to push his chest and everyone was quiet. He spat out a ton of water and went back to his team everyone was laughing at him it was like a whole school that was sad. But that didn’t stop him from swimming when he was older.

Other speakers were Andrew Patterson (Radio DJ), Amelia and a young boy called Iavana.

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