Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Reflection Being a Year 7

This year being a year 7 it’s helped me a lot. Miss Squires helped me to learn more strategies in maths not just one strategy. She helped me to not be bad in class because if you do that you won't probably get anywhere when you grow up. So if you wanted to be good you would have to finish your work of properly then it will be easy for you to get a job when you grow up. Try to be good instead of being bad. What I learnt for myself in class was not to do the wrong thing in class(dodgy) it’s bad. Just like me I was dodgy but I gave it up so I can be good so I can do the best I can.

 Writing is what Miss Squires helped me with a lot. One new thing I learnt was this new site called flocabulary I didn’t know how to use , flocabulary it helps you to make raps . I also learnt a lot about Filming different types of shots and different ways to animate. learning how to paint in creative strand it was fun cutting was painting with a small brush in little places.

 My netbook helped me to write better at school instead of using pencil and paper. Thats to hard for me. Me and my reading buddies help each other on one document so they would finish their work faster and plus they would get help. We also do math on math whizz it’s a site that gives you the knowledge to learn. As well as xtramath it takes you through all your basic facts. It can take you straight to your documents instead of finding a paper and pencil.

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