Monday, December 16, 2013

Reflection at Pt England

This year..... It’s been the best so far. Better then every year i've spent at pt england school.
what I liked the most is when we go to maori it helps me to learn some te reo and some waiata. I can remember all the good times with my mates, how we got in trouble and when we play. the meetings we have in the hall is when we sing a wiata. It’s the same every day what i liked was my teacher ms squires she is the best teacher I have had so far. Plus she gives us fun activities to do.

I enjoyed going to tech it was fun the first time I went I was pretty much shie. But then I started to get the hang of it. My most favourite tech thing we did there was hard material. you make things like nucleus things with wood and glass.

I also like the way our teachers treat us, so what miss squires does is she tries to stop us from being dodgy. It’s fun having a teacher like miss squires she encourages me to do my work it helps me to learn faster. I have to finish my work so I don’t stay in at lunch time.

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