Monday, December 9, 2013

Nelson Mandela Died

December 6th 2013, Tragic death at the age of 95 Nelson Mandela. He was a good man born in july 18th 1918 his life just ended on friday. Cause of death a guess is elderly problems too old I suppose. He was a man that fought for his rights and gave peace to his country he lead the world to be good people. His early life was bad arrested and sentenced five years in prison and as a kid he attended primary school and his teacher gave him his name he began to study law in 1943. His first marriage ends in divorce he was charged with sabotage the he was jailed for 27 years. That Is just outrages. Did you know he visited new zealand for the commonwealth meeting. HE participated in a lot of things he went to university then one year after he got expelled.Then he attend African National Congress(ANC). He had a children's fundraising. HE went to prison for 5 years and when he was charged of sabotage he got sentenced for 27 years in prison which was hard for him then in 1990 he got released for him it probably felt like freedom.

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