Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Aggressive Dogs

Dogs Aggressive and dangerous there are dogs that come from all sorts of country the most aggressive I wouldn't want are Red nose Pitbulls these dogs will tear you apart they could actually kill you if they kill you that's the end of you if a pitbull was wandering the street and bites you call animal patrol and they will put them down because they are to aggressive. These dogs were known for the highest killing rates.
German shepherd these dogs are well trained dogs but some aren't .These dogs are aggressive they can kill because these dogs come in second with the highest killing rates. These dogs are in the army and the force the have been with police and looked after because they are there buddies Make sure these dogs are trained when they are puppies.
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Rottweilers are dangerous dogs. But some of them are pa light they can listen but it might injure you they are very vicious guard dogs coming in third place in killing rates these dogs are big and fierce puppies are very cute but as they get older they will start injuring people they need to have a good caregiver.


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