Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to make pancakes


Pancakes are the good breakfast to your day.If you want to make some you will need to know all the ingredients and how serve them delicious. You’ll need a pan now make sure the pans not that small because it makes it harder for you to get it out.Don't forget you will need to have adult supervision for your own good.

Now the ingredients are the thing you will need the most, so the first ingredient is plain flower the next one and  ½ a cup of milk or water.Two large eggs that have been lightly whisked. A pinch of salt and dont forget the vegetable oil for frying. put all those ingredients together now when make sure it is nice and thick.

So then when your batter looks like the image then you're ready to go. First things First, you put the vegetable oil in the pan wait for a few seconds then add your mixture or batter. wait for 30 to 40 seconds.then flip then another 30 seconds then when it looks nice and perfect then put it on a plate and you can even add your favourite toppings and then your done.

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