Friday, June 13, 2014

Tech at Tamaki

Tech at tamaki, the only time you can experience this Yr 7 & 8 its a fun time and you learn a lot of stuff like cooking, crafting & drawing.The group I am in is hard materials this is when the crafting comes.This term we are learning to make glass pane but it has a design in the middle it can be anything but there are a few cuts that you can't do these cuts have to be straight you get a piece of small wood. A glass cutter (its very dangerous).

Mr Grundy (our teacher for tech) gave us a task to make eight designs and when you’ve done that you get to pick your final design then the hard bit comes cutting the glass you will need to know how to control it if you can’t the you cut will go all over the place. If you can cut the glass and make sure its a precision cut then you cut the colored glass.

The colored glass is the most important bit these glasses will be the color for your design. If you can cut all the colored glass that you need and all the pieces you need are cut then you are almost finish. You will need to grind it and then when your done put a sticky material around it. Then you will put all your pieces together and put a special material around it to keep it together then you put a hole in it near the top and then you are done.

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