Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How to create an animation on hyperstudio

How to create an animation, if its your first time using it you will eventually get use to it so you have to learn the basics how to get your tools they will just pop up. The click on the paint brush this helps you to draw so you can change the size and the colour. You fill in the blank spots just by clicking on the paint bucket its very easy.

So the first step is to draw the object you want to use then when you're done click on the lasso icon that will give you the privilege to move you drawing,create it into a object the you can move or change the size. So the you copy it by pushing control c on your keypad. The control v to paste it.

Then you create an backround and the you copy the card and you can move the object anywhere. Just make it look like a high quality so it don't look ugly the after your finish doing that you can make it an movie.An you can even post it on your blog or vimeo.

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