Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart Footprint

Who’s watching you have you saved your password and forgot to log off. make sure that you say nice and positive things because you are being watched everything you do ids left there and it gets shared on and on. Stay as positive as possible and you have to be clever don't send any bad things on your mail or on different sites.

So you must thing if its not kind keep it in your mind because whatever you say, this  can go everywhere across internet or by speeches datas can be shared or used by someone else and people can steal your information is personal.

everything you trash can also be seen remind yourself don't go on anything dodgy or bad. An if a chain is sent to you (a message and a the end of it it says if you don't send it you will die) don't hesitate delete it. Never forget to log out and don’t give your password to anyone.

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